What is glory?

The glory system, is a new way of ranking, and includes both individual and alliance glory rankings. Alliance glory is an accumulation of its members glory. Glory is designed to promote TK both during and outside of tournaments, and honor participating players. During certain times Glory will be tracked and badges awarded to winning players. Some badges will be temporary and some will be permanent. You will be able to choose which badges are shown to other members, and they will be displayed next to your name in chats.

So how do I gain glory?

Glory can be achieved in many ways, through events, campaign, and TK. Glory will be able to be acquired at all times during the active “glory season” not just during events.

•Attacking big smaug or little smaug will generate 2k glory, with a maximum of 60k glory per day. (30 hits)
•You will get 1 glory point for hitting any closed player on the world map.
•If the player is closed with a wall you will get additional glory, depending on the performance of your attack.
•If the player is open, you can receive up to 20k glory per hit. However a maximum of 2k if you “lose” the hit.
•You can only be awarded glory for 5 hits per player per day. So a maximum of 100k glory per target. After you have hit that player five times you will not be awarded any additional glory for them.
•Glory can be earned from alliance bosses.
•Glory can be earned by attacking players in caverns. Glory is directly dependent on the might killed and the amount of troops you have surviving.
•Glory will be given out as prizes in tournaments.

*Glory amounts may change server to server.

How to do T5 exchanges:

1. Reinforce a closed city with 120k T5.
2. Ensure no hero is assigned to training in that city.
3. Ensure that your reinforcing hero is wearing no equipment and does not have revival as a skill.
4. Allow the person you are exchanging with to attack that city and kill all the troops for 20k glory.
5. Have the person you are exchanging with do steps 1-3 and then attack them. A full wave of MR or Woodies is best. This grants you 20k glory per attack.
6. Repeat this 5 times per player for the maximum points per day. (100k).