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This website is designed to help the Hobbit: KOM community by increasing knowledge in all aspects of the game through guides and visuals, it is intended to constantly have new articles on advanced game concepts and will be updated frequently to match the progression of The Hobbit: KOM.

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Pond, an intro:

It was a brisk Washington DC day in October 2012, the leaves had made their journey through the air to the base of the large trees lining the street outside, and our author sat curled up snug in an armchair in the library of her grandparent’s house. In one hand she held a steaming mug of apple cider and in the other the sleek cool weight of her iPhone. Slightly bored she thumbed through apps when one caught her eye, and with the click of an “install” button her life was forever changed. 

Pond is a Kindergarten teacher who resides in the beautiful city of Seattle, she plays for Sparta on 126, and enjoys coaching other players, writing how-to guides for the Hobbit community, and providing administrative support in numerous Line cross-world chats.

Her line ID is: lionheartedlovejs